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With delight, our annual show returns in person to Chestnut Hill in the Philadelphia region for the holiday season. Join US for special cultural events to illuminate Indonesian culture through dance, cooking classes, film screenings, and more!


BACK TO KAMPOENG - Indonesian Independence Day Celebration

Saturday, August 7     11 AM - 5 PM at Fleisher Art Memorial in South Philly

From Bali to Us will be there with our kites, sarongs, and a handful of our fabulous Indonesian crafts. Also, I will be doing a batik demonstration to share my love of the craft of batik in celebration of Indonesian Independence Day.  The event, which will run from 11 am until 5 pm, will bring local Indonesian food vendors, artists, interactive art and crafts, and performers together for a day to celebrate Indonesia’s 76th anniversary as an independent nation. For more information visit the FB page.


ALUN ALUN - Indonesian Market

Saturday, June 26    10 AM - 5 PM at Fleisher Art Memorial in South Philly

Join us as we share our treasures from Bali along with the Indonesian community for a day of dance, music, food, song, and celebration at the Fleisher Art Memorial. A fun day for sure! Visit the Alun Alun facebook page for more information.




Saturday/Sunday June 24 & 25

Whether or not you consider yourself artistic, experimenting with batik will lead you to new discoveries about yourself and your creative process. With an understanding of the basic techniques of batik, you can explore a contemporary interpretation of this ancient medium. Prepare to play with the unpredictable, open yourself to the foreign culture of Indonesia, and work intensively on several pieces of batik. Move beyond your artistic comfort zone! 

Anytime with 7 Friends!
Gather together a group of 7 or more friends, family, kids, grandparents, with whomever you want to join you at a batik mini-camp. In her Mt. Airy studio and garden, Laura shares her passion for the land of Indonesia and the magical art of batik. Experimenting with traditional tools, techniques, dyes, wax, and cotton, everyone will make several individual batik pieces. Prepare to make mistakes and masterpieces while discovering your own playful creativity.

Traditional Balinese Dance Class with Modero

Saturday, March 6th, 12:00 - 1:30 PM

Wouldn't you love to learn in one class a ritual dance from a far away land? You can with our Virtual Balinese Dance Class! A crowd favorite of ours has been in-person Indonesian dance performances featuring Sinta Penyami Storms and her Modero dance company. From Bali to Us is happy to host Indonesian dance lessons, virtually, featuring Sinta herself.

For this class, join us and experience the classic Rejang Dewa dance, learning the basic Balinese dance positions, posture, and movements. No experience necessary! It’s an exciting way to learn about a rich culture and meet new people, all while conveniently participating from your own home. You can even invite your friends or family across the country to join in as well; a fun time for all!

What we recommend for the class: a sarong and a very long scarf (selendang). If you don't own those, no worries, just come and experience the beauty of Indonesia.

March 6, Saturday 12:00 - 1:30 PM (East Coast)

$18 per person


* Modero started as a community dance group, then adding their passion to bring the community together. Modero’s focus is now traditional dance, food and quality events. They strive to be inclusive and to support the Indonesian community in South Philly. Learn more about them at Modero.co


In Home Indonesian Film Night & Discussion

Friday, February 19th, 7 PM

Screen from the comfort of your own home, From home, the 2017 film Marlina the Murder in Four Acts, a feminist Western from Indonesia, followed by a discussion on Indonesian women's rights.

Described as a "Satay Western" take on a Spaghetti Western, Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts combines aspects of the feminist Western genre with a rural Indonesian setting, on the island of Sumba. Following a widow on an empowering course to seek justice for robbery and rape, it is a revenge fantasy rooted in Indonesia’s gender conditions, complex regional culture and the stark beauty of its landscapes.

Join us at the conclusion of the film for a discussion moderated by Philadelphia local Sinta Storms on the historical and current conditions for women in Indonesia with a panel of Indonesian feminist leaders - Gita Sjahrir, Dr. Kartini Sjahrir and Ina Hunga. The film link will be sent to you in the days before the screening.

Wednesday, February 19th @ 7 PM

To watch the trailer of the film, click here. This is a free event, but you must register for a ticket. The film is in Indonesian but has English subtitles, and the discussion will be in English. Co sponsored by Modero & Co


Indonesian Cooking Class & Feast - Yellow Rice & Friends!

Wednesday, February 24th, 7 PM


Indonesian cooking is as varied as the country itself, but across all regions, it is always delicious! We’re happy to bring our friends – Irza and Aditya, of their catering company Pecel Ndeso – for cooking lessons and dinner. Through this online offering, they’ll guide you in preparing Nasi Tumpeng, (a cone-shaped serving of yellow rice accompanied by assorted dishes), traditionally served to share at ceremonial events where each dish is steeped with sacred meaning. Both classic and vegetarian options are featured.

Best of all, if you’re in the local Philadelphia region you will be able to pick up the feast for two, all pre-prepared to go by Irza, or have it delivered contact-free to your door on the afternoon of the class. You’ll receive instructions on reheating the dinner, and the link to tune in for the cooking class at 7 that evening. From the comfort of your own home, feast with us and expand your culinary knowledge with the exotic flavors of Indonesia!


Wednesday, February 24th @ 7 PM

Indonesian Cooking Class with Feast for two: $40 per person

Prepared dinner ready for pick up at 5PM in Mt. Airy at Laura’s studio.

Delivery also available in Philadelphia and adjacent suburbs for a $5 fee.

Indonesian Cooking Class alone is just $12: Log in from across the country and join US!




* Pecel Ndeso is a licensed Indonesian catering company in South Philadelphia. Owned by Irza and Aditya, their services & cooking are sought after by Indonesian communities up and down the East Coast. Visit their page: www.facebook.com/USAPecelNdeso.





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