Blue Crab Mosquito Coil Holder & Sculpture
The shell opens up for you to place a candle or mosquito coil  inside.

Blue Crab Mosquito Coil Holder & Sculpture

Hard shell made from metal, this blue crab sculpture is also a handy mosquito coil burner, nifty non? The hand-crafted coil holders are great for outside dining areas and porches to repel mosquitos. The coil fits inside the holder, simply attach the coil to the stand, light the coil allow it to smolder and close the lid. The holes in the top allow the repellant to disperse. There is an eyelet that allows it to be hung on a wall when not in use, creating an attractive metal wall art ornament. Handcrafted with tin metal, these art sculptures are whimsical creatures created by artists in Bali with love. Approximately 12" L x 13" W

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