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Batik Wooden Mask Little
Batik Masks mixed sizes

Batik Wooden Mask Little

All of our batik masks are hand carved from Albesia wood and each intricately hand batiked in Central Java. Growing out of the traditional batik fabric industry, batik wood is a natural evolution of batik on fabric with its rich history and artistry. Using the same tools and techniques, batik wood employs layers of wax applied with the traditional canting (chanting) tool in detailed replicating classic Javanese motifs. A time-consuming process is required to lay out each pattern in successive layers of wax and dye, and then boiled to remove the wax. Finally, a beautiful work of art, with a velvety finish and deep colors, is completed.

Varying in size and carvings, these masks, each a unique piece of art, will enhance any room decor or become an impressive gift to behold. (The stand is not included.)

Approximately 6.5" L x 4" W x 3" D.

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