Blue Monkey Kite
Blue Monkey Kite
Look at the painting of the fur and hand!
Comical Monkey Kite Small
Purple Monkey Kite
Purple Monkey Kite
Furry Head of Monkey Kite
Long tail of Monkey Kite
Grabbing a Coconut
Backside of Kite open, ready to fly
Handcrafted kite string holder
Folded up for transport
Box of kites waiting their photo shoot

Comical Monkey Kite Small

Our comical monkey features a bit of actual fake fur on its head, and maintains an enigmatic look on its face from high atop a palm tree, holding tight to a coconut in its fist. The detailing of its arms, legs, and body is amazing, and the palm fronds almost sway.

Since 2008, I’ve been making the trip to Wayan Suteja’s home in the village of Lodtunduh, in the heart of Bali. In his studio, I find these beautiful kites he and his team have created: each is intricately hand-painted on nylon fabric, mounted on a bamboo frame, and strung with nylon. I pick the most colorful and interesting ones to knowing that they will be the first to sell out of at my annual show each year, and they do! Each look beautiful, whether hanging displayed in your home or soaring in the sky.

Every kite is shipped compactly folded, with easy-to-follow instructions for opening it and flying. As a special bonus, I include with each kite a handcrafted, comfortable wooden kite string holder that includes strong kite string for a long, long tether for your kite to soar.

Open: approximately 72" H x 33" W. Folded: approximately 26" H x 10" W.

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