Dragon Bone Carving - Flat Relief

Dragon Bone Carving - Flat Relief

Carved deftly from bone, this flat relief is filled with details. It takes a sharp eye to follow the winding path of this dragon's body. Where is its face? It's there, but watch out for the open mouth, and the awaiting teeth!

All of our bone products are carved from cow bone, or in Bali known as water buffalo. In Indonesia, as in other tropical lands, the water buffalo is critical to farmers: it provides milk, it is a "living tractor” that plows rice paddies, and is prized by families. When a water buffalo dies, no part of it is wasted: in addition to providing beef to the family, the bones are cured and then carved by talented craft artists. The delicacy of this work reflects difficult hand skills that are passed from generation to generation. 

Approximately 2.5" L x 1.5" W

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