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Ikat Woven Tallit Sarong
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Ikat Woven Tallit Sarong

Sarongs are the universal clothing in Indonesia, worn by old and young, male and female. Our traditional sarongs come in a variety of styles, all roughly the same size about 3 feet by 6 feet, made from cotton, rayon, or synthetic blends, and all spectacularly designed in a wide range of color patterns. Enjoy wearing these as wrapped skirts, as a towel or cover up at the beach, for a tablecloth, wall hanging, or as fabric to create an special garment, like a soft beautiful tallit.<

Ikat Tallit A: Gold Trimmed. B: Cotton Blend. C: Cotton, unhemmed. D: Woven synthetic blend. E: Cotton Blend.

Approximately 40" H x 75" W.

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