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Loro Blanyo Gay Couples in Dark Bronze

This Loro Blanyo (“Inseparable Couple”) pair of handcrafted bronze statues represents the traditional Javanese bride and groom: symbols of fertility, and meant to reflect the unity between a man and woman. Wearing typical elegant Javanese costumes for their wedding ceremony, each figure sits in a patient kneeling posture. Both beautiful and hopeful, this couple is a perfect wedding gift for housewarming present to bring good luck and prosperity.

We also have a nontraditional Javanese bride and bride pair, as well as a groom and groom: when they emigrated to the United States and to Laura’s home, they benefited from our national commitment to gay marriage. Please join me in wishing all of our Loyo Blanyo couples good luck in their long journey together!

Individuals Approximately: 8" H x 3.5" W x 4.5" L.

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