Traditional Batik Copper Chops - Floral & Insects F
Another negative space as an Insect
See the negative space shaped like an Insect
Traditional Batik Copper Chops - Floral & Insects F

Traditional Batik Copper Chops - Floral & Insects F

Batik Chops – (Tjap traditional spelling, Indonesian spelling Cap, but English pronunciation Chop) are traditionally used to produce batik. These copper tools are dipped in hot beeswax and then block printed onto fabric with a wax resist print, before the fabric pieces are dipped in dye. This process is repeated hundreds of times. Batik fabric has a long and royal tradition, and these chops are part of that – yet each are works of art in themselves. The Javanese are the great masters of batik making, but also of the art of crafting the glorious tools. The chops are made by specialized craftsmen "tukang membuat cap", who work with copper which is cut, bent, fitted and welded to match the desired design. Meticulously crafted, these chops take from a few days (for the smallest) to 3 weeks (for largest) to make by hand. The traditional motifs or patterns have specific meanings and are used to print fabric for specific ceremonial occasions in Java and are most likely from 25 – 50 years old and have since been retired from production.

I have schlepped from Solo, Java retired Chops found in antique markets for over 25 years, but it is harder and harder to find them ever since the spike in copper prices years back incentivized melting them down rather than persevering them as the fine art pieces that they are. Chops also make great conversation pieces or wall hangings, on a table or mounted to the wall or backlit in a shadow box frame, and also useful to fiber and mixed media artists for creating rubbings and prints. I have lots of ideas for you to display these vintage treasures.

Approximately 8.5" L x 4" H

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